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Dutch Discontents: a film impression

In her earlier work, Anouk de Koning examined how the political climate, marked by heated debates about alleged problems with people with migrant backgrounds, reverberated in everyday city life in Amsterdam.

Dutch Discontents

With ‘Reproducing Europe’, project leader Anouk de Koning continues a line of research and thought she set out in her earlier research in Amsterdam. This ‘Dutch Discontents’ research (2011-2015) focused on Amsterdam's Diamantbuurt, a neighborhood that since 2004 served as a symbol of things gone wrong in the Netherlands. By examining the interaction between media, policy and everyday practices of street-level professionals and various residents, this research examined how a national problematic became localized in this particular neighborhood. And how did this localization affect the ways in which different actors imagined, experienced and engaged with the neighborhood? The project used the extraordinary case of the Diamantbuurt to trace how heated public debates and a racialization of social problems are translated into urban policy, taken up in professional practices and engaged with in everyday life.

Short film

The Radboud University’s Faculty of the Social Sciences made a short film about Anouk’s Diamantbuurt research (2:23 min.). You can watch it here:


Dutch Discontents: a film impression Radboud University’s Faculty of the Social Sciences

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